Jan. 23, 1961
Jan. 23, 1961

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Jan. 23, 1961

Ski Machine
Kiwi And Kid
  • By Arlie W. Schardt

    A continent apart, two natural phenomena detonated the indoor track and field season. At Portland, Ore. a New Zealand Olympic winner cut 12 seconds off the indoor two-mile record, while at Boston, in another two-mile, a 17-year-old Canadian schoolboy upset a veteran field

Desert Debacle
Oldest Freshman
The Crosby
Motor Sports
College Basketball
Bobby Fischer
  • The best young chess players in the world are Americans, and the best American is 17-year-old Bobby Fischer. Most experts believe he will soon become the best player alive. A few think he is likely to be the best who ever lived. Now a four-time U.S. champion and the youngest Grand Master in history, Fischer plays a daring, sometimes wild game. With it he may break Russia's long monopoly of the chess championship of the world

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


Homing birds and ballplayers

When Angelo Giuliani of St. Paul is not beating the bushes for baseball players, he is scanning the heavens for pigeons. A former big leaguer (St. Louis Browns, Washington Senators, Brooklyn Dodgers) and a major league scout for the last 15 years, the sad-eyed, cheery-voiced Giuliani has been racing pigeons twice that long. "Every time I send a bird out," he confesses, "I feel the same anxiety as the commander of an aircraft carrier." Despite his fears, Giuliani's pigeons have returned often enough, and fast enough, to make him a top U.S. racer.

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Now that the old Senators have moved to Minnesota, Giuliani expects that his baseball and his birds will fly together more happily than ever. "The new stadium," he says, "is right on my pigeons' line of flight." Moreover, pigeon fancier Giuliani predicts at the strong northwest winds will help such Twin Cities sluggers as Killebrew, Allison and Lemon break Babe Ruth's home run record. "My birds tell me it's a cinch," he says.