Feb. 20, 1961
Feb. 20, 1961

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Feb. 20, 1961

Pro Basketball
The Gang
Son Of Saggy
Salt-Water Jockeys
  • In jackets inspired by the bright geometry of international yachting code flags, this yearns sailors can sport their own initials and be as easy to spot as a jockey in his silks. For more new color-struck boating clothes, turn the page

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


16 The Men Around the Champion
Five unusual personalities are keeping an eye on Floyd Patterson—and each other

This is an article from the Feb. 20, 1961 issue

20 The Derby for Saggy's Son?
Carry Back, a colt with oddly named parents, is an early choice for the Kentucky classic

25 Bill Casper's Secrets of Putting
For the first time, one of the best putters in golf history reveals the techniques of his art

32 Most Beautiful Game of All
That's what Artist André Fran√ßois calls hockey, and he paints his own vision of it

39 Salt-water Jockeys
The latest boating fashions outdo the riders' silks: your colors in international code flags

42 Strolling Players
Walter Bingham drops in on the Kramer tour for a look at the state of pro tennis

58 John Peel and Peter Rabbit
Emily Hahn reports with wit and insight on the odd doings of England's anti-blood-sport crowd

The departments

7 Scorecard
14 Coming Events
42 Tennis
46 Boxing
51 Charles Goren
52 Fishing
65 For the Record
69 Basketball's Week
70 19th Hole
72 Pat on the Back

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