Feb. 27, 1961
Feb. 27, 1961

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Feb. 27, 1961

  • An 18-year-old Russian Olympian, who outleaped America's John Thomas in Rome, met him again in New York's Madison Square Garden last week, beat him again and, for an encore, equaled Thomas' world indoor record

The Pest
Safe Driving: Part III
  • Few persons in the world have had more success in overcoming hazardous road conditions than Miss Moss. Sister of Britain's Stirling Moss, she has twice been the European women's rally champion and has won numerous events in weather so foul that few cars finished. Whether negotiating an ice-glazed road in the Alps, as at the right, or an axle-deep ford in England (next page), she always is in command of her car, and you will be too if you use the techniques she describes below

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


14 The Fastest Run of All
Ruts and rain made the Lake Placid bob run a bad place for everyone—except Eugenio Monti

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20 Valeri's High, High Jump
Valeri Brumel, the 18-year-old Russian jumper, becomes a hero in Madison Square Garden

25 Far-out Band of Angels
A low-swingin' chariotful of kooky ballplayers turns up for the tryouts in L.A.

32 Wolfson at the Stable Door
The Morning Telegraph's Joe Hirsch analyzes the corporate raider's stunning success in racing

41 Duke's Red-hot and Blue Devil
Art Heyman has sparked a civil war in Carolina and made Duke a basketball power

44 Safe Driving: Part III
Pat Moss, Europe's leading woman driver, describes the fun and technique of foul-weather motoring

58 "Taylor Spink is First-class"
A unique study of the colorful publisher of baseball's Sporting News.
By Gerald Holland

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Next week

At Palm Beach and Palm Springs the winter look of golf is a trim look with a new vitality. Here, in an unusual portfolio, is a preview of the coming season's fashions.

Sprinter Mike Agostini recently wrote of his life as a "shamateur" athlete. Now, in an extraordinary essay on true amateurism, Runner Phil Coleman replies to Agostini.

Baseball rears its head again. Tex Maule reports on spring training, and George Weiss begins a two-part article on his long career as general manager of the Yankees.