March 06, 1961
March 06, 1961

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March 6, 1961

  • South Africa's Springboks brought their traveling Rugby road show to the British Isles and France, flattened the opposition and left behind a seething controversy. 'They are killing Rugby,' hollered the British Press. 'They are persecuting blacks,' hollered others. The immediate crime: winning

St. Bonaventure
Sporting Look
Underwater Park
Motor Sports
Horse Racing
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


16 The Return of Leo Durocher
Colorful Leo is in spring training for the first time in six years. A report from Florida

This is an article from the March 6, 1961 issue

20 Too Good for Their Own Good
South African Rugbymen brought a tough game to Europe and with it a seething controversy

24 St. Bonaventure is Second-best
After 99 basketball victories at home, the Bonnies fell before Niagara

26 For Fairways and Fair Ladies
America's best-dressed golfers and Dior's new designer endorse a trim, slim Sporting Look

36 Something New under the Sea
A guide to the world's first true underwater park—21 miles of unique beauty off Key Largo

45 The Man of Silence Speaks
After 13 years as general manager of the Yankees, George Weiss tells his story. First of two parts

64 Idea of an Amateur
A two-time Olympian explains, in a remarkable essay, the reasons why some runners run

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5 Scorecard
15 Coming Events
56 Food
58 Motor Sports
60 Horse Racing
75 For the Record
76 Basketball's Week
80 19th Hole
82 Pat on the Back

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Next week

A French revolution is currently sweeping the high-powered world of ski racing, and France is making a national effort to be certain that the revolution proves successful.

Conference champions and the leading independents are scouted in a preview of basketball's annual NCAA tournament that includes a chart of the draw for all the games.

An artist's interpretation of Floyd Patterson, color photographs, and an appraisal by Gilbert Rogin highlight our preview of the third Patterson-Johansson world title fight.