March 20, 1961
March 20, 1961

Table of Contents
March 20, 1961

Table of Contents
Drama In Miami
  • The third fight between Floyd Patterson and Ingemar Johansson had four knockdowns and a disputed count (left, as Referee Billy Regan signaled the end over a dazed but rising Ingemar). Though it was not sophisticated theater, it had as much suspense as an Agatha Christie thriller.

World Hockey
Jones & Jones
Horse Racing
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


16 The Big Fight
The third Patter son-Johansson fight, by Gilbert Rogin—with exclusive pictures

This is an article from the March 20, 1961 issue

22 Czech Giant Killer
A firsthand report from Switzerland on the near upset in the world hockey championships

27 Schoolboys on Horseback
Few youngsters play polo, so the cadets at Valley Forge have to take on grownups

30 Pot Shots and Mayhem
Handball, European style, is a wild indoor game of spectacular plays and bone-breaking injuries

32 The Fan Cries Havoc
A desperate lover of the game gives vent to rage as baseball's weirdest season nears

40 Fast Pass at 5,000 Feet
Falling through the air at 120 mph, a sky diver meets two old friends and lakes their picture

49 Jones & Jones at Court
Sam and K.C. Jones are pro basketball's newest stars though still Boston substitutes

70 The Pool Hustlers
Jack Olsen explores the world of the great cue artists who choose to live in shadow

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9 Scorecard
14 Coming Events
55 Dogs
56 Horse Racing
62 Fitness
65 Charles Goren
66 Skiing
80 For the Record
83 Basketball's Week
84 19th Hole
86 Pat on the Back

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Nora Johnson tells the warm and funny and very human story of her struggle to find peace and gentleness in the game of tennis, and how she finally won a victory in her personal quest—and her man.

Ray Cave combines an analysis of the early battles in college basketball's national championships with scouting reports of the surviving four teams that will meet in Kansas City in the last rounds.