MM Meets No. 5

April 03, 1961
April 03, 1961

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April 3, 1961

Ferrari Fiesta
  • It is reached each year in Augusta at the Masters tournament, which next week will celebrate its 25th anniversary. Along with the Open in June, this is one of the two pinnacles of golfing prestige in America. Here Sports Illustrated presents two aerial photographs of the Augusta National course, plus a portfolio of portraits of some of the distinguished competitors who will play in this week's event. These photographs and paintings decorate a preview of the things to expect and think about as the tournament unfolds, and detailed analyses by the players of the strengths and weaknesses of their respective games at Augusta

Horse Racing
Shannon Brown
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back

MM Meets No. 5

When Marilyn Monroe first met Joe DiMaggio, famed No. 5 of the New York Yankees, she didn't know who he was. As a matter of fact, she didn't even know what he was, for Joe had already retired and Marilyn had never seen a ball game. Nevertheless, they married and lived together for nine months. Now, after another marriage (to Playwright Arthur Miller) and another divorce, Marilyn has been seeing Joe a lot in St. Petersburg, Fla., where he has been acting as batting coach for his old team. There last week MM (above and opposite) saw Joe in his old Yankee uniform for the first time ever. It was, she breathed, "exciting."

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