24 Johnny Wins the Muddy Derby
The big race goes to Carry Back and John Sellers

26 Hot, Motorized War for U.S. Dollars
American and foreign cars clash in New York

30 An Even Dozen in the Yale Pool
America's swimmers set 12 records at New Haven

32 My Bitter Day at Aintree
An amateur rider's adventure in the Grand National

95 The Best in Bridge
Goren presents his own gallery of famous players


34 The Beauty of a Changeless Game
The essence of baseball: 11 pages of photographs

46 The Cubs and All Their Coaches
A look at Chicago's no-manager experiment

51 36 Pages of Scouting Reports


54 Pittsburgh
56 Milwaukee
58 St. Louis
60 Los Angeles
62 San Francisco
64 Cincinnati
68 Chicago
70 Philadelphia

Illustrations by Bill Charmatz


72 New York
74 Baltimore
76 Chicago
78 Cleveland
80 Minnesota
82 Detroit
84 Boston
86 Kansas City
88 Los Angeles
90 Washington

112 Dream of Glory on the Mound
A writer actually pitches to major league stars

The departments

14 Scorecard
137 For the Record
138 19th Hole
144 Pat on the Back

Acknowledgments on page 137

Cover photograph by Richard Meek


Next week

The Masters celebrates its silver anniversary this week. It may also mark the start of Arnold Palmer's Grand Slam year. From Augusta, a report by Alfred Wright.

The dominant manager in baseball now is Paul Richards of the Orioles, praised for his genius, criticized for his coldness. Roy Terrell tells this engimatic man's story.

Though many have sailed through the Golden Gate, few know the great fishing in San Francisco Bay. Thomas B. Allen paints the magic and Robert de Roos describes it.