April 17, 1961
April 17, 1961

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April 17, 1961

Harness Racing
Unforgettable Duel
San Francisco
  • From the broad, dark waters of the Russian River (below) to the bass reservoirs in the lowlands of Napa County, from the salmon trolling grounds off the Farallon Islands to the winding sloughs in the thousand miles of waterways in the Delta, the San Francisco area offers a fascinating, ever-changing challenge to the sport fisherman. On the following pages, Artist Thomas B. Allen captures in his paintings and Robert de Roos depicts in words the many moods and seasons of this unique city-state for anglers

Paul Richards
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


18 A Duel Golfers Will Never Forget
Gary Player fought Palmer through five days of a stirring Masters and won on the last hole

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22 Yes, There Is a New Mickey Mantle
The super center fielder of the New York Yankees is healthy, relaxed and ready for a big year

26 The Big William Tell
Dancing collegians on a Tennessee campus aim imaginary arrows at nonexistent apples

28 Treasure by the Golden Gate
The San Francisco Bay area has a matchless variety of sport for fishermen

47 The View from Carson's Head
A trio of remarkable sketches by the British travel writer Anthony Carson

54 Trotting at Vincennes
Color photographs show why French trotting focuses on this beautiful track near Paris

62 The Family Silverware
Pro hockey's Stanley Cup becomes an all-American mug as Canada drops out

68 Hawkeye and His Boy Scouts
Paul Richards combines hot baseball strategy with icy passion. By Roy Terrell

The departments

9 Scorecard
85 For the Record
59 Charles Goren
86 19th Hole
60 Tennis
88 Pat on the Back
62 Hockey

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Cover Painting by Thomas B. Allen


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Most Americans love automobiles, but of the 1.5 million hot rodders some carry the romance to weird extremes. In color and in words: the cultists and their cars.