The Big William Tell

April 17, 1961
April 17, 1961

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April 17, 1961

Harness Racing
Unforgettable Duel
San Francisco
  • From the broad, dark waters of the Russian River (below) to the bass reservoirs in the lowlands of Napa County, from the salmon trolling grounds off the Farallon Islands to the winding sloughs in the thousand miles of waterways in the Delta, the San Francisco area offers a fascinating, ever-changing challenge to the sport fisherman. On the following pages, Artist Thomas B. Allen captures in his paintings and Robert de Roos depicts in words the many moods and seasons of this unique city-state for anglers

Paul Richards
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back

The Big William Tell

The Big Apple was the big thing for dance-mad collegians of the 1930s, but today's young intellectuals call that kind of nonsense applesauce. The dance getting the big play these days at the University of Tennessee is an undergraduate invention called "The UT," an art form deriving its fancy footwork and interpretive pantomime from the world of sports. Here, as a juke box hiccups a 4/4 beat are a couple of UT dancers at work: Bill Parish, pretending to be an archer, takes a weaving bead on an imaginary apple sitting on Pat Nichols' head. His aim, alas, is low, and Pat, squarely drilled between the eyes, flutters and falters to rival Odette in Swan Lake. The UT, report observers of the southeastern college scene, is catching on like—well, like archery.

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