April 24, 1961
April 24, 1961

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April 24, 1961

Horse Shows
A Man And A Rod
Baseball Changes
The Masters
Part II: A New Dimension In Sailing
Horse Racing
Car Cultists
  • To many persons the automobile is a status symbol. To 1.5 million hot rodders, however, the car is the cornerstone of a cult with its own lingo, totems and heaven. The cats range from wild to mild, but the fuzzy world they live in can be far out, man, far out

Baseball's Week
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


22 A Change After 60 Years
The new-style baseball season opened with a distinct flourish

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26 Player Was Tougher...
The Masters champion won his title—he didn't back into it

34 A Feud and a Fugitive
A noncombatant in hockey's Stanley Cup finals holds aloof from a family fight

36 Some Questions for Peg
Peg is a poodle who knows a lot—perhaps even too much. Read her surprising story

42 Riding Down the Wind
Planing-boat champion George O'Day shows how to sail faster by wave riding and setting a spinnaker

56 Wanted: Good Jockeys
Whitney Tower examines the serious shortage of riders in Part IV of his series on racing's ills

70 The Cultists from Rumpsville
In words and color, the way-out world of the hot rodders and their cars

The departments

4 Coming Events
13 Scorecard
52 Charles Goren
55 Boating
56 Horse Racine
65 Dogs
66 Sporting Look
89 For the Record
90 Baseball's Week
91 19th Hole
92 Pat on the Back

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Next week

Ralph Houk, new manager of the Yankees, has already been typed as the coolly efficient military man. But Tex Maule sees him differently.

James Ramsay Ullman, noted for his sensitive writing on mountain climbing, turns his distinguished talents to the story of a wonderful wedding on an unknown Pacific island.

A preview of the 87th running of the Kentucky Derby, America's No. 1 horse race; and an introduction to the Longdens, Johnny and Vance, who may have the winner.