Picnic on the Half-shell

April 24, 1961
April 24, 1961

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April 24, 1961

Horse Shows
A Man And A Rod
Baseball Changes
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Part II: A New Dimension In Sailing
Horse Racing
Car Cultists
  • To many persons the automobile is a status symbol. To 1.5 million hot rodders, however, the car is the cornerstone of a cult with its own lingo, totems and heaven. The cats range from wild to mild, but the fuzzy world they live in can be far out, man, far out

Baseball's Week
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back

Picnic on the Half-shell

Some hardened sailors muttered that last week's Miami-to-Nassau powerboat race was nothing but a picnic, and maybe it was (see page 55). But for Miami's Hal Bever and his 18½-foot outboard, it was a picnic with too many showers. Shooting over the water at close to 35 mph, Bever's lightweight SMX-3 runabout at one point dived headlong into a swell. The scallop-shell effect was picturesque, all right, but such spectacular dramatics did nothing for Bever's time. His boat finished seventh in her class, 15th in the over-all field, and three hours behind the winner.

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