April 24, 1961
April 24, 1961

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April 24, 1961

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Baseball Changes
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Car Cultists
  • To many persons the automobile is a status symbol. To 1.5 million hot rodders, however, the car is the cornerstone of a cult with its own lingo, totems and heaven. The cats range from wild to mild, but the fuzzy world they live in can be far out, man, far out

Baseball's Week
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


Four in one at 14

If the golfing form of 14-year-old John Bohmann of Seguin, Texas seems to lack grace, it certainly does not lack accuracy. In his short golfing career John has already scored four holes in one. All were on the par 3, 145-yard No. 6 at the Seguin municipal course.

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John generally plays "around 40" on the nine-hole course near his home. He knocked in his first hole in one when he was only 11, just after his father had introduced him to the game. At that time he had no idea of the rarity of his golfing feat. "I was more surprised the second time," he says. "By then I knew it was something unusual."

By the time he got his two most recent aces, within a week of each other, early this year, John had grown considerably less blasé. In fact, he says, "I leaped into the air and screamed like an Indian."

John's secret? "I just try to hit the green as near the pin as possible."