16 British Bullet at Indy
A small green Cooper whistles across the sea to threaten revolution at the "500"

20 A Ruse Flushes Eager Recruiters
As the basketball scandal widens, an NYU student exposes the furious pursuit of top athletes

24 Three Legs on Two Crowns
Carry Back wins the Preakness and Bowl of Flowers wins the Acorn. A race between them seems in order

28 Golf's Human Howitzer
George Bayer can drive a ball farther than any other golfer, but he has a problem: winning

36 ABC of Bowling
The color camera takes a new look at an old sport as 30,000 bowlers compete in Detroit

45 How to Enjoy a Trotting Race
Del Miller, trotting's best tactician, describes his strategy in a typical mile race

62 Hermits of the Sea
A rare glimpse of the "singlehanders," the men who sail alone through the Pacific

The departments

7 Scorecard
15 Coming Events
53 Baseball
57 Boxing
59 Rowing
60 Charles Goren
72 Baseball's Week
74 For the Record
77 19th Hole
80 Pat on the Back

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Cover photograph by Marvin E. Newman


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