18 Joys of a June Week
Army and Navy celebrate graduation time with fun and games and several thousand pretty guests

24 New Era at Indy
On its 50th anniversary, a dramatic "500" sees a ninth-place intruder carry the flag of change

26 Red China Trains by the Numbers
A mammoth athletic program is under way in China and even the Russians are beginning to worry

32 Carry Back Fails at Belmont
A long shot named Sherluck ruined Jack Price's hopes for a Triple Crown winner

38 A Real Monster of a Golf Course
Oakland Hills, site of the 1961 U.S. Open, stymied the country's best before, and it could defeat them again

52 Le Mans: French Carnival of Speed
In eight pages of striking color, the drama, intensity and festivities of the 24-hour Grand Prix of Endurance

72 Over the Fence Is Out
Two funny and fascinating stories of a wildly normal boyhood, dealing with baseball and trout

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4 Coming Events
11 Scorecard
60 Baseball
65 Golf
68 Tennis
70 Track
84 Baseball's Week
86 For the Record
88 19th Hole
96 Pat on the Back

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Cover photograph by John C. Zimmerman


Next week

Old Archie Moore, 25 years a professional, fights a return match with Giulio Rinaldi, the young Italian who defeated him last October. Gilbert Rogin covers the bout.

Four pages of color on a historic regatta, a close-up look at the nation's top crews and a penetrating essay on the why of it all mark the mid-June explosion of rowing.

Earl Young, a Californian with a Texas jack rabbit's speed, heads a formidable list of U.S. quarter milers. At the climax of the track season, a report by Roy Terrell.