10 A Record Dash Toward Moscow
Sprinter Frank Budd's brilliant 9.2 led U. S. athletes through a record-shattering AAU meet

14 No Fair, Ya Little Bully!
Judo is a sport well calculated to upset a long-established balance of power among the young

16 Who's Who at the Big A?
Your guess is as good as anybody's as SPORTS ILLUSTRATED previews a new mural at Aqueduct

18 Really in the Rough
A remarkable recovery in England and Jack Nicklaus' first NCAA title highlighted a fortnight of amateur golf

24 Swimmer's Underwater World
Nine pages of color photographs provide a unique look at the beauty and turmoil of competitive swimming

35 New Passion of a Proud People
Bullfighting still has its special appeal for Spaniards, but soccer is now the national sport

40 Marine at the Hot Corner
Pittsburgh's roughneck, Don Hoak, is trying to goad the Pirates into another pennant

50 An Old-fashioned Fourth
A delightful excursion into nostalgia by Dolly Connelly, with real fireworks and powder burns

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6 Scorecard
44 Charles Goren
45 Tennis
56 For the Record
57 Baseball's Week
58 19th Hole
60 Pat on the Back

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Cover photograph by Jerry Cooke


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Baseball's weapon of terror is the bean ball pitch, which is in frequent and alarming use today. Roger Kahn analyzes all its variations, including the knockdown and brushback.

Jack Olsen makes a close study of the trophy hunters, those supremely selective sportsmen who may refuse to shoot an animal if he is smaller than the one Joe shot last year.

As the powers that control amateur tennis prepare to meet and vote at Stockholm, Martin Kane examines the crisis facing a game that is hopelessly divided against itself.