July 10, 1961
July 10, 1961

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July 10, 1961

Open The Door
'Stop Your Engines'
Baseball's Weapon
Horse Shows
Baseball's Week
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


14 Open the Door, Stockholm!
In the week before a critical meeting in Sweden, Martin Kane takes a close look at amateur tennis

This is an article from the July 10, 1961 issue

18 Golf Finds a New Zaharias
A big blonde overcomes a brief case of nerves to win a major tournament in memorable fashion

20 Gentlemen, Stop Your Engines
America's road racing amateurs get a startling black flag from the sport's international governors

22 Truth and Beauty
There are all sorts of things to do with muscles—including just show them off

24 His Eye Is on the Kimmie
If you want to be a big-time marbles champion, you have to attend to business. Or do you?

26 Baseball's Secret Weapon: Terror
A scared man can't hit. That's the reason, writes Roger Kahn, why pitchers throw at batters

30 A Local South Seas Isle
Los Angeles' offshore pleasure island, owned outright by P. K. Wrigley, may some day be its lushest suburb

46 They Kill Them with Kindness
No trophy hunter would dream of shooting an animal—unless the animal looks as if it will make the record book

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4 Coming Events
9 Scorecard
36 Baseball
38 Horse Shows
57 Baseball's Week
58 For the Record
59 19th Hole
60 Pat on the Back

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As Artist Edward Sorel depicts the crisis in tennis, Amateurs Laver, Fraser, Sirola, Emerson and Pietrangeli clamor for the attention of Borotra from one silver cup (left), while Pros Buchholz, Gonzlaes, Segura, Hoad and MacKay cluster in another. The powers that run tennis stand still in the middle.


Next week

An extraordinary investigation into the sordid background of Boxer Sonny Liston sheds light on whether or not this controversial figure deserves to have a shot at the heavyweight title.

As the U.S. track team leaves for Europe, a comparison with its foreign foes shows where it should win and where (for example, against Russia's Valeri Brumel) it will likely lose.