A good eye for a boat

Aug. 07, 1961
Aug. 07, 1961

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Aug. 7, 1961

Table of Contents
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  • This is the traditional boast of the pleasant upstate New York community whose magnificent racecourse holds its annual meeting in August, when New York City's tracks are closed. Here, horse and rider gallop through a workout in early-morning haze.

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A good eye for a boat

Ask the oldtimers at the Shenecossett Yacht Club in Groton, Conn, how Archie Chester built his 33-foot center-board sloop Grandma Sue and they'll tell you, "He eyeballed it." What they mean is that the 86-year-old Chester whittled out a three-foot model of his boat without benefit of mathematics, blueprints or tank tests—and then transferred the model's lines to the full-size craft by sight and feel.

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Though this kind of boat building is almost a dead art in an age of computers and technicians, Chester defends it by saying, "I just knew what I wanted."

Two years' work and a good deal of Yankee thrift went into the sloop's construction. The bowsprit is an oak mantelpiece from a home Chester once remodeled, the centerboard winch and the binnacle were made from scrap brass and the boom is part of a broken mast. But even after a cruise to Florida and back, Chester is not entirely satisfied that his boat is complete. In the near future he plans to build a pulpit on her bow and see how she does as a swordfisherman.