Aug. 21, 1961
Aug. 21, 1961

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Aug. 21, 1961

Harness Racing
Everything But A Horse
Fresh Face
  • In this summer of 1961 the fantastic upward surge in athletic performance and leisure participation is producing new records by the very young and by the old as well. Last week a sunburst of brilliance emphasized the progress made in a few short years

Horse Racing
Baseball's Week
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


His Honor the slugger

Once a thriving pastime, sandlot baseball lives a precarious existence today in the limbo between the ultraorganized rah-rah of the Little League and the IBM efficiency of the majors. That it exists at all is a tribute to men like Judge Charles Moylan, sponsor and No. 1 rooter for the Ijamsville (Md.) Bush Creekers, who this year managed to find enough good ballplayers in their tiny town (pop. 120) to win their ninth Maryland and State League pennant.

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As a Supreme Bench judge in nearby Baltimore, Moylan is "alarmed at what's happening to kids," sees baseball as "the greatest builder of character and community spirit," and not only for toddlers and pros. "I tell the boys who come before me to get out of those cars and hangouts and onto the diamond," says the judge. No mere dilettante, His Honor batted .478 for his favorite team 40 years ago, and doesn't mind reminding people of his feat. "It surprises them," he says. "People don't think that old gray-haired judges were ever human."