Sept. 25, 1961
Sept. 25, 1961

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Sept. 25, 1961

End Of AAU
Who Made Me
Pro Football 1961 Preview
Horse Racing
College Football
Before The Mast
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


20 The End of the AAU
A secret revolt of coaches and athletes seems certain to wreck the all-powerful Amateur Athletic Union

This is an article from the Sept. 25, 1961 issue

26 S O S—and a Quick Recovery
For most of the week Roger Maris lost ground in his assault on Ruth's record, but he finished strong

28 Jack Leads a New New Wave
Youthful Jack Nicklaus and a hand of fellow college boys dominated one of the toughest Amateur fields ever

30 For Compressible Girls
1962's stretchable bathing suits will soon have many a neck stretching to see

38 "Who Made Me—Is Me!"
A young heavyweight boxer wants it well understood that he and future fame are on the best of terms

56 A Dog's First Day in the Field
Hans Knopf's color camera records the excitement of a young pointer's first hunt

Pro Football Preview

61 THE SEASON: New men at the controls
64 THE NFL: Runs in the East, shotgun in the West
68 THE AFL: The teams are stronger, more assured

74 12 Days Before the Mast
A landlubber who sailed in the Transpacific race says those who love the sea can have it

The departments

15 Scorecard
70 Horse Racing
72 Football's Week
85 For the Record
86 Baseball's Week
88 19th Hole
92 Pat on the Back

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Cover photograph by Marvin E. Newman


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