Oct. 16, 1961
Oct. 16, 1961

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Oct. 16, 1961

Golf Results
IBM And The Tiger
Cassius Clay
  • Cassius Clay, the heavyweight prodigy who is called Cautious by his trainer, was anything but in Louisville last week. He knocked out Alex Miteff and showed he can fight almost as much as he can talk

The Shotgun
Redskins' Marshall
Terry Baker
Horse Racing
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


14 The World Series
Tougher than most experts predicted, it produced some dramatic moments and brilliant performances

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22 Cautious Comes of Age
The ebullient Cassias Clay knocks out big Alex Miteff and makes his first real move toward boxing fame

26 Bang Goes the Shotgun
The San Francisco 49ers' explosive new offense has won two big games in a row and has the other pros worried

32 U.S. Horsemen Get a Plush Home
A magnificent New Jersey estate, shown in color photographs, is now the headquarters of our Equestrian Team

37 All Alone by the Telephone
That is George Preston Marshall, the Washington Redskins' owner, who is a genius at attracting controversy

44 The Heady Sport of Grapesmanship
A sportswriter tells the secrets of making wine on your home grounds—complete with personal label

52 "With Terry You Stop to Think"
Terry Baker, Oregon State's remarkable all-round athlete, is as good a student as he is a football player

16 How to Shoot a Big Red Moose
Charles W. Thayer describes a strange but successful hunt for moose in the Soviet Union

The departments

9 Scorecard
59 Football's Week
65 Horse Racing
72 Charles Goren
91 For the Record
92 19th Hole
94 Pat on the Back

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Next week

The salmon returned to the Horsefly River in Canada last month and ran into a forest fire. Robert Cantwell tells how an epic of conservation became a wilderness melodrama.

As the professional football season reaches midpoint, we offer a special report that will include a portfolio of color photographs of the stars of the NFL in action; drawings by Robert Riger and explanation by Tex Maule of the fine art of pro defenses; and, by Roy Terrell, a firsthand look at Barron Hilton and his hot San Diego Chargers, finest in the AFL.