U.S. Horsemen Get a Plush New Home

Oct. 16, 1961
Oct. 16, 1961

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Oct. 16, 1961

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  • Cassius Clay, the heavyweight prodigy who is called Cautious by his trainer, was anything but in Louisville last week. He knocked out Alex Miteff and showed he can fight almost as much as he can talk

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U.S. Horsemen Get a Plush New Home

For 10 years the U.S. Equestrian Team, the team which represents us in the Olympics and other international competitions, has lacked a base, training and stabling its horses wherever a patron could be found. Now USET squad members like Otis Brown and Wally Holly, shown walking their horses on the opposite page, are installed in luxury on 4,500 acres of fields and woodland near Gladstone, N.J. The magnificent stables, with patterned brick floors, glass-topped foyer and glittering weathervanes, were built by James Cox Brady nearly 50 years ago for his string of show horses and ponies. Unused for 18 years, they were leased by Brady's son to the USET. Finally in possession of a place they could call home, team officials began a search for young riders and horses, and invited the best to Gladstone, where, on the following pages, they were photographed in training.

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Shaded stable, splendid as a manor home, has luxurious stalls on the first floor, with quarters above for the team.

In octagonal foyer of barn bright sunlight is reflected off varying patterns of brickwork and the unusual glass ceiling.

Lustrous gray mount of Carlene Blunt, young Florida rider, takes a precise, delicate step during a dressage drill.

Displaying classic form, Fred McCashin stretches with his mount as they attempt a spread fence in jump training.