Oct. 23, 1961
Oct. 23, 1961

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Oct. 23, 1961

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19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


The grace of coordinated power is one of the beauties of football. On the cover and on the following pages that kind of power is on display—in the running of such players as Cleveland's sinewy fullback, Jim Brown (right), or in the cold poise of a pro quarterback amid the violence of the scrimmage. Here are five of the best of the pros: players who have, by virtue of their strength, agility and courage, earned renown as stars in a sport where a good name is hard to come by.

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Ted Dean, the Philadelphia Eagles' thunderous young running back, abruptly reaches the end of the road under a descending avalanche of giant Washington Redskin linemen.

Bobby Layne, one of professional football's finest, quarterbacks and its only maskless player, hands off in a snowstorm to Pittsburgh's driving fullback John Henry Johnson.

Jim Taylor, Green Bay fullback from LSU, runs with better balance and more power than any other player in football. Here he drives head on into an unfortunate tackier.