Nov. 06, 1961
Nov. 06, 1961

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Nov. 6, 1961

Point Of Fact
  • By Arlie W. Schardt

    A National Football League quiz to excite the memory and increase the knowledge of fans and armchair experts

Fast Man With A Fact
Gentlemen's Sport
Old Designs
Football's Week
Horse Racing
Sporting Look
Pro Football
  • In 1956 there were 600 sailplane pilots in the U.S., or about one for every 5,000 buzzards, an arrangement endorsed by both the Audubon Society and society in general. The sport of soaring was judged expensive and dangerous. Airport Operators conspired to keep gliders from cluttering up their traffic patterns, and small boys with air rifles considered them better targets than the neighbors' cats. In "Government by the People" Burns and Peltason included the Soaring Society of America among oddball organizations, along with the American Sunbathers' Association and the Blizzard Men of 1888.

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


26—Map by Brendan Mulvey
27—Albert M. Day
31—David Rubinger
40—Marvin E. Newman
45—Diagram by Robert Johnson
53—Jerry Cooke
58—Oregon Game Commission
61—Ray C. Erickson
62—Neil Leifer
81—Morris Rosenfeld, Allied Pix Service, Friedman-Abeles for The Catholic Hour-TV; U.P.I.
82—Lars Speyer

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