Nov. 06, 1961
Nov. 06, 1961

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Nov. 6, 1961

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  • By Arlie W. Schardt

    A National Football League quiz to excite the memory and increase the knowledge of fans and armchair experts

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  • In 1956 there were 600 sailplane pilots in the U.S., or about one for every 5,000 buzzards, an arrangement endorsed by both the Audubon Society and society in general. The sport of soaring was judged expensive and dangerous. Airport Operators conspired to keep gliders from cluttering up their traffic patterns, and small boys with air rifles considered them better targets than the neighbors' cats. In "Government by the People" Burns and Peltason included the Soaring Society of America among oddball organizations, along with the American Sunbathers' Association and the Blizzard Men of 1888.

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John Schmitt, 21-year-old Syracuse U. junior and a transfer student from TCU, a golfer since he was 12 years old, added the ECAC championship at Bethpage, L.I. to his home club (New Hartford, N.Y.) and state Junior Chamber of Commerce titles.

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George Hinman, 56, of Sands Point, N.Y., who owns "a houseful of trophies" collected in 45 years of sailing, earned another when he won the alumni championship of the Inter-national Class at Larchmont, N.Y. He sailed Echo through a 25-knot wind to win.

Mary Mairs, 17-year-old Pasadena, Calif. high school senior, a rider for nine years, took the two top places in the fault-and-out event at the Pennsylvania National Horse Show, finishing first on Vestryman and second on Tomboy in leading a strong field of 26.

Jim Nolan, 34, acting under the stage name of James Greene, worked in a play, appeared in a movie, was seen on TV, then won the five-mile handicap cross-country run in 31:24.6 at New York's Van Cortlandt Park for the Pioneer Club, all on the same day.

Bill March, 24, of York, Pa., using muscles toned by isometric contraction, defeated two other medium-heavyweight opponents, lifted a record total of 945 pounds, captured the division honors at the North American Weight Lifting finals in Quebec City.

Amos Bullocks, 22, of Chicago, a senior at Southern Illinois U., registered 158 yards in the school's last two games, became SIU's first 2,000-yard man. A quick 195-pound halfback, Bullocks will end his college career in the All-America Bowl at Tucson.