Nov. 13, 1961
Nov. 13, 1961

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Nov. 13, 1961

Point Of Fact
Big Decisions
A Smart Eagle
African Rescue
Native Turkey
Track & Field
Doc Williams
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


Two Big Decisions
Ohio State and Minnesota won their biggest games of the year, preparing the way for future national claims

This is an article from the Nov. 13, 1961 issue

22 The Apathy in Smogsville
Spectator sports in Los Angeles are in trouble at the gate. Roger Williams analyzes the reasons

24 A Smart Eagle Beats the Bears
Pro Quarterback Sonny Jurgensen, picking his way through well-set defenses, led his team to an important win

26 Darling, I Wouldn't Miss It
The National Horse Show, that is, where there's plenty to see even if you don't like horses

32 A Question of Violence
Tom McNeeley, the Boston strong boy who fights Floyd Patterson on December 4, is an angry, unskilled man

38 Tireless Sons of Noah
In the African bushlands, rangers and natives are trying to save panicky game herds from a man-made flood

46 Football from the Cradle
Nowhere in football-happy Ohio is the game followed more intensely than in the town of Massillon

52 Return of a Native
The wild turkey was just a memory of pioneer days until sportsmen decided to put it back in the bush

70 Don't Pull up for Doc
At 66, Dr. Raworth Williams of Dallas is a famed surgeon and a first-class left-handed polo player

The departments

13 Scorecard
56 Charles Goren
57 Horse Racing
59 Track & Field
60 Boxing
64 Football's Week
79 For the Record
80 19th Hole
82 Pat on the Back

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Next week

Yachtsman Gilbert Wheat visits a lonely piece of rock called Pitcairn Island, where the people talk—and live—much as did their notorious ancestors, the mutineers from the Bounty.

Jerry Cooke uses new techniques to photograph skiers at Sugarbush, Vermont for a colorful Sporting Look that previews developments in both stretch and quilted ski apparel.

Elderly Y.A. Tittle is only one of 15 pro players who have come to the New York Giants by trades. Tex Maule reports on Wellington Mara, the man behind the Giant successes.