20 The Right to Be First
Green Bay and New York had the look of champions after last week's victories, but the NFL race isn't over yet

26 Kramer's Cup Runneth All Over
Unexpected downpours cause a switch in international tennis: the fans do the mopping up

28 Dialogue in a Duel
Two American jockeys talk it over in private as their mounts forsake the foreigners in Laurel's International

30 Farewell with a Flourish
The fastest pacer in harness racing history bids a fond Adios to his fans

34 A Successful Trader in Giants
Wellington Mara won't take the credit, but his astute bartering has helped make the football Giants winners

40 Legacy of the Bounty
On remote Pitcairn Island the descendants of the Bounty mutineers still live much like their notorious ancestors

60 Lightning Look for Skiers
The clean and simple lines of this year's sweaters and pants are photographed in color by Jerry Cooke

74 Don't Shoot till I Open the Cage
Though derided by the purists, preserves provide a slap-happy hunting ground for those with limited time

84 Philosopher and Horseplayer
A Johns Hopkins professor offers some remarkably fresh ideas on life—including the virtues of gambling

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8 Scorecard
66 College Football
74 Hunting
79 Charles Goren
80 Horse Shows
82 Pro Basketball
101 For the Record
102 19th Hole
104 Pat on the Back

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Cover photograph by Neil Leifer


Next week

An artist and writer join to paint a vivid picture of an Illinois town called Cairo, where shotgunners, geese, gangsters and B-girls are gathered for a freewheeling fall convention.

Martin Kane writes about the surf fishing oil" the Outer Banks of North Carolina. There a splendid run of channel bass has erased year-long fears of a possible decline in the species.

Roy Terrell reports on Jimmy Saxton, the most colorful runner in college football this year, and the University of Texas Longhorns, who may be the nation's No. 1 team.