Bob Farrington, 32, of Richwood, Ohio, harness driver for six seasons and a former bricklayer, lifted total of wins to 180 for the year at May wood (Ill.) Park, and broke the American record for most wins in a single season held by Billy Haughton (176 in 1958).

Zack Brogan, 43-year-old Kansas City (Mo.) accountant, a golfer since 1931, shot three aces in 63 days after failing to get one in 30 years of golfing. Each was made on a different hole at Santa Fe Hills course. Said Brogan: "The first is always the hardest."

Joe Stanka, 30, Hammon, Okla., 200-pound right-hander, pitched in five games for the Nankai Hawks in the Japanese world series. For his iron-man role, Stanka—called Big Thunder by Japanese baseball fans—received the Fighting Spirit Award, a motorcycle.

Ginger Countryman 20, El Dorado, Kans., set an American Royal Horse Show record for the cowgirls' barrel race by weaving around three barrels on a diamond-shaped course in 17.3 seconds, despite a skinned leg she received skimming the barrels too closely.

Samuel Hunter, 29, Army sergeant from Warrenton, N.C., and a former insurance man, won the U.S. International Free Pistol title at Fort Benning, Ga. using a High Standard pistol with electrically generated trigger. Said Hunter: "For every shot, I aimed four."

Joe Notter, 72-year-old New Yorker, who rode Regret, the only filly ever to win the Kentucky Derby, was elected to the National Jockeys Hall of Fame. "You could put a cup of coffee on his back," a newsman said of his riding style, "and not spill a drop."