22 And Down Went Number One
In the season's biggest upset, TCU rode over Texas, but not over Jimmy Sax ton, who was out but not cold

26 Statutes for Backyard Status
Needed: regulations to protect the nation's rapidly multiplying swimming pool owners from themselves

28 Hound to the Hare
The aristocratic Borzoi which once chased Czar Nicholas' wolves has a go at American jackrabbits

30 Is This Cricket?
All-America Pete Dawkins tries to strangle a fellow Rugby player in England, but no one really minds

32 Odysseus with a Basketball
Jim McGregor roams the world teaching his sport to Turks, Swedes and the Watusi

44 Herkimer Tells 'Em How to Holler
The Toscanini-Shakespeare of cheerleading explains how to bring out the best in a crowd

48 Man Wins 200 Daily Doubles
Perhaps you envy the man who has collected daily double bets 200 times. But does he have any money?

54 Big Red Bass Run
After a dismal spring, the channel bass swarmed back to Hatteras for some of the best fishing in years

68 Geese Stir Up a River Town
When the honkers start to fly, a sleepy Illinois hamlet called Cairo responds with a loud and reverberant bang

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10 Scorecard
54 Fishing
60 Pro Football
62 Football's Week
65 Harness Racing
80 For the Record
85 19th Hole
88 Pat on the Back

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Cover photograph by Neil Leifer


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