Dec. 04, 1961
Dec. 04, 1961

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Dec. 4, 1961

Ski Schedule
Football's Best
Trim And Strong
Big Deals
College Football
Gene Tunney
  • By Frank Graham Jr.

    Gene Tunney is a magic name in sport, one that evokes an instant and recognizable picture to millions of people, even though it is 35 years since he upset Jack Dempsey and won the heavyweight title. No athlete ever went to more pains to establish a public picture of himself but, incongruously, no athlete ever succeeded in obscuring his own great skills so completely. The story of Tunney then (left, in 1926) and Tunney now is the story of a man who has been almost unbearably successful

19th Hole: The Readers Take Over
Pat On The Back


24 Battle of Football's Best
New York and Green Bay meet in Milwaukee this weekend in what should be a preview of the 1961 title game

This is an article from the Dec. 4, 1961 issue

32 A Developing Crisis in Pro Golf
The PGA is playing to bigger crowds and making more money than ever before, but it is beset by problems

34 Get Trim and Strong in Seconds
An expert recommends 10 isometric exercises to spruce up the sagging figures of executives and housebound wives

41 Texas Makes Some Big Deals
Tournament results in Houston support the claim that the nation's best bridge is played in the Lone Star state

44 Just Once Like Stein
The Stein is Eriksen. A color camera shows how it feels to whirl down a mountain with his speed and style

53 Pool Hustlers' Holiday
The piranhas of pocket billiards meet in a little Illinois town for the "championship" and some side bets

70 Double Image of a Champion
Gene Tunney is one of the most famous of sports heroes, but he often is misunderstood. By Frank Graham Jr.

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