Dec. 25, 1961
Dec. 25, 1961

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Dec. 25, 1961

Point Of Fact
Gold Rush
Girls And Boys
The Enthusiast
  • The way of the world with a game is mirrored in all its astonishing variety in the following 40 pages. First, Barbara Heilman tells the very American story of Benjamin Edward Bensinger, Chicago businessman and supersportsman. Then action photographs (page 34) catch shining moments in sports that identify nations almost as their flags do. Scholarly and entertaining, Alexander Eliot (page 44) chronicles the deeds of Heracles, first of the Olympian sportsmen and a Greek hero who tamed water in ways modern conservationists are trying to imitate. Finally (page 62), a gallery of the world's loveliest sportswomen, a theme that is particularly apropos in a year in which the wife of the President of the U.S. has done so much to lend an aura of glamour to the arena of sport

  • The games men play change magically from nation to nation, but each has its moments of beauty and high excitement, as the pictures below and on the next eight pages disclose. Here, for example, a village cricket match in England creates an atmosphere of late-afternoon, late-summer tranquility



18 The Gold Rush That Failed
In 1961 entrepreneurs cooked up an alphabet soup of new leagues and new teams, but fans held out for quality

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22 A Tie That Meant a Victory
New York and Cleveland played each other to a standstill as the Giants won the eastern championship

24 Boys and Girls Together
The golf was good and the manners almost impeccable when leading men and women pro golfers met in Florida


28 Meet B. E. Bensinger, a man who really likes sports
34 The universal beauty and drama of sport
44 Hercules revisited: an interpretation of an old myth
62 A gallery of the world's loveliest sportswomen

73 Charles Goren's Bridge Quiz
The traditional year-end test discloses bidding weaknesses that lead to invisible losses

76 Cram Course for the Bowls
Scouting reports on the five leading bowl games and some helpful hints for the would-be experts

82 Tory Prince of a Balmy Isle
Sir Ronald Tree runs a resort, possibly a last resort of the old English social and sporting life

95 Care to Try Dancing on Ice?
Parke Cummings tells of a delightful sport that anyone of any age can participate in

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14 Scorecard
99 Basketball's Week
100 For the Record
102 19th Hole

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Cover photograph by Sum Shaw

This, our annual year-end magazine, combines the December 25 and January 1 issues. Good cheer!


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Our first issue of the new year will be on sale January 4 and will, as always, pay tribute to the outstanding sportsman of the year just past. In addition, it will present some of the unforgettable moments of 1961 in brilliant color photographs and will spotlight some of the finest performers. Fishermen will find five pages of beguiling paintings of angling in Yucatan. Skiers will be offered what we believe is the single most important instructional essay ever published. In the news section we will report on the pro football championship and on the college bowl games. Our cover will not, of course, bear a question mark (below) but instead the picture of an unassuming yet indispensable man.