Dec. 25, 1961
Dec. 25, 1961

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Dec. 25, 1961

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  • The way of the world with a game is mirrored in all its astonishing variety in the following 40 pages. First, Barbara Heilman tells the very American story of Benjamin Edward Bensinger, Chicago businessman and supersportsman. Then action photographs (page 34) catch shining moments in sports that identify nations almost as their flags do. Scholarly and entertaining, Alexander Eliot (page 44) chronicles the deeds of Heracles, first of the Olympian sportsmen and a Greek hero who tamed water in ways modern conservationists are trying to imitate. Finally (page 62), a gallery of the world's loveliest sportswomen, a theme that is particularly apropos in a year in which the wife of the President of the U.S. has done so much to lend an aura of glamour to the arena of sport

  • The games men play change magically from nation to nation, but each has its moments of beauty and high excitement, as the pictures below and on the next eight pages disclose. Here, for example, a village cricket match in England creates an atmosphere of late-afternoon, late-summer tranquility



A college basketball quiz to excite the memory and increase the knowledge of fans and armchair experts

? What five players scored the most points in their varsity basketball careers (the questions in this quiz refer only to major-college records)?

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•Cincinnati's Oscar Robertson was far and away the most prolific scorer in college history. In three varsity years (1958-60) he scored 2,973 points in 88 games (33.8 average) on a record 1,052 field goals and 869 free throws. Dickie Hemric of Wake Forest ranks second with 2,587 points in four varsity years (1952-55), followed by Frank Selvy of Furman with 2,538 points in three seasons (1952-54). Fourth on the alltime list is Elgin Baylor, who scored 2,500 points in three years at Idaho and Seattle, and fifth is Tom Gola of La Salle with 2,462 points in four varsity seasons (1952-55).

? What player holds the record for the best single-season scoring average?

•Frank Selvy in his senior year (1954) averaged 41.7 points a game. He totaled a record 1,209 points (first player to go over 1,000 points in a season) on a record 427 field goals and a record 355 free throws in 29 games.

? Has any player scored over 1,000 points in a season since Selvy did it?

•Only Oscar Robertson, who scored 1,011 points in the 1960 season.

? Oscar Robertson was the national scoring leader (based on average per game) three years in a row—1958 (35.1), 1959 (32.6) and 1960 (33.7). Has any other player repeated as scoring champion?

•George Mikan of DePaul was the leader in 1945 (23.9) and 1946 (23.1), Frank Selvy in 1953 (29.5) and 1954 (41.7) and Darrell Floyd, also of Furman, in 1955 (35.9) and 1956 (33.8).

? Jerry Lucas of Ohio State had the highest field goal percentage last season (.623). Was this the best ever?

•No. In 1956 Joe Holup of George Washington made 200 of his 309 field goal attempts for a .647 average. In four varsity seasons Holup sank a record .583 of his field goal attempts.

? Who was the first player to score at least 50 points in a game?

•Hank Luisetti of Stanford scored 50 points in 1938 against Duquesne.

? What player holds the record for most points scored in a single game?

•Frank Selvy scored 100 points against Newberry in 1954. The next best total is 73 points, scored by Bill Mlkvy of Temple against Wilkes in 1951.

? What team scored the most points per game in a single season?

•Morehead State made 2,782 points in 29 games (1956) for a 95.9 average. The team, however, allowed 2,496 points and ended the season with a 19-10 record.

? San Francisco won 60 consecutive games between 1955 and 1957. What is the next best winning streak?

•Long Island University won 39 straight games (1935-37); Seton Hall 39 (1939-41); Texas 37 (1913-17); and North Carolina 37 (1957-58).

? What active coach has a) the most wins? b) the best winning percentage?

•a) Western Kentucky's Ed Diddle, in 39 seasons, has coached teams that have won 732 games (lost 260). He is the only active coach with more than 700 victories prior to this season, b) Adolph Rupp of Kentucky has won 645 games and lost only 122 (.841) in 31 years of coaching.