Dec. 25, 1961
Dec. 25, 1961

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Dec. 25, 1961

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  • The way of the world with a game is mirrored in all its astonishing variety in the following 40 pages. First, Barbara Heilman tells the very American story of Benjamin Edward Bensinger, Chicago businessman and supersportsman. Then action photographs (page 34) catch shining moments in sports that identify nations almost as their flags do. Scholarly and entertaining, Alexander Eliot (page 44) chronicles the deeds of Heracles, first of the Olympian sportsmen and a Greek hero who tamed water in ways modern conservationists are trying to imitate. Finally (page 62), a gallery of the world's loveliest sportswomen, a theme that is particularly apropos in a year in which the wife of the President of the U.S. has done so much to lend an aura of glamour to the arena of sport

  • The games men play change magically from nation to nation, but each has its moments of beauty and high excitement, as the pictures below and on the next eight pages disclose. Here, for example, a village cricket match in England creates an atmosphere of late-afternoon, late-summer tranquility



The girl smiling from this week's cover is Francine Bréaud, who won her first skiing title in France 10 years ago. Kikuko Inoue, delicately poised at right, took a first in the Japan Equestrian Championships this rail. Like the six shown on the following pages, they are presented as expressive examples of the many lovely women throughout the world who bring grace and beauty as well as skill to the rugged world of sport.

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Ireland gave Molly Wallace her clear beauty and a skill with horses that brought her a red ribbon in the last Dublin show

Spain's gently glowing Gloria Barcenas is a top golfer in a man's country where women only lately are sharing the links

Shooting is the hobby of France's sophisticated Jacqueline de Fels, a countess as much at ease with a gun as in a salon

A onetime European champion who has more trophies than she can count. Italy's water-skiing Princess Doris Pignatelli smolders with dark intensity

Cool perfection of form and Feature mark California's blonde Lori Miller, an American skier acknowledged for skill and beauty on Alps and Rockies alike

A slim, soignée version or an American freckle-faced kid is Patsy Pulitzer Preston, a fisherwoman whose biggest catch was a 1,230-pound black marlin