Dec. 25, 1961
Dec. 25, 1961

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Dec. 25, 1961

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  • The way of the world with a game is mirrored in all its astonishing variety in the following 40 pages. First, Barbara Heilman tells the very American story of Benjamin Edward Bensinger, Chicago businessman and supersportsman. Then action photographs (page 34) catch shining moments in sports that identify nations almost as their flags do. Scholarly and entertaining, Alexander Eliot (page 44) chronicles the deeds of Heracles, first of the Olympian sportsmen and a Greek hero who tamed water in ways modern conservationists are trying to imitate. Finally (page 62), a gallery of the world's loveliest sportswomen, a theme that is particularly apropos in a year in which the wife of the President of the U.S. has done so much to lend an aura of glamour to the arena of sport

  • The games men play change magically from nation to nation, but each has its moments of beauty and high excitement, as the pictures below and on the next eight pages disclose. Here, for example, a village cricket match in England creates an atmosphere of late-afternoon, late-summer tranquility



Lithona Rozier, 19, of Jacksonville, a freshman at the U. of Georgia, will reign as Gator Bowl Queen Saturday in her home town. Brunette and 5 feet 9, Lithona is studying dental hygiene; she swims, rides and carves teeth from soap as a hobby.

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Carol Frances Hair, a 21-year-old senior at Florida State U. who is studying elementary education, plays a ukulele, swims and water-skis, will be the Orange Bowl Queen at Miami. Says Carol of her future: "I'm pinned. That may affect my plans."

Martha Sissell of Monterey Park, Calif., an 18-year-old freshman at Pasadena City College, was elected Rose Bowl Queen in competition with 200 coeds. Martha wants to be a psychologist, enjoys baking, loves pets: the favorite is her cat named George.

Sharon Brown, 19-year-old queen of the Sugar Bowl at New Orleans, is from Minden, La., sings and dances, wants to appear on Broadway, lists musical talent, good looks and the title of current Miss U.S.A. among her credentials for future stardom.

Sandra Holl, 21, a senior at Ursinus College in Collegeville, Pa., is the daughter of a freshman Pennsylvania representative and is the national secretary of a college drama society, is studying psychology and served as the Queen of the third Liberty Bowl.

Eva Gayle Maxey, U. of Texas senior (her mother and father are Texas U. grads and her sister is a sophomore cheerleader), is an Austin native, majors in elementary education and won automatic election as Cotton Bowl Queen when named Sweetheart of Texas U.