Jan. 08, 1962
Jan. 08, 1962

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Jan. 8, 1962

  • To some 40 million romantic TV viewers it was like Cedar Rapids of the Three I League beating the Yankees in the World Series. In the actual presence of 39,000 people—over half the entire population of Green Bay, Wis.—the Green Bay Packers demolished the New York Giants to become the National Football League champions. Paul Hornung, scoring at upper left as Dick Modzelewski hangs on to his ankles, and Ron Kramer, dragging Sam Huff (70) across the goal, were only two of a dozen Green Bay heroes in the popular triumph of Small Town, U.S.A., over Metropolis. Actually, the Packers are a big-time team and were expected to win; but few even in Green Bay expected such a big and shattering win

  • The scoring was high, the play hard, crisp and tense as flashy Texas just did manage to beat Mississippi, Alabama edged by Arkansas, and LSU, Penn State and Minnesota displayed a pro ability to get touchdowns

  • Luke is Ohio State's brilliant Jerry Lucas, and The Rat is OSU's harassing defense. Together they swept through a strong field in basketball's best holiday tournament

Sportsman Of The Year


24—George Silk-LIFE
26, 27—Garry Winogrand
28, 29—Marvin E. Newman
30-32—John G. Zimmerman
33—Phil Bath, Marvin E. Newman
34, 35—Art Shay, Brian Seed, John G. Zimmerman (2)
42—map by William Bernstein
64—A.P. (2)
65—Herb Scharfman

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