Jan. 15, 1962
Jan. 15, 1962

Table of Contents
Jan. 15, 1962

Table of Contents
Twice Two
Jolly Lark
  • A lusty chip off England's finest old block demonstrates the versatility and verve of his famous grandsire as he captains the Oxford ski team to victory in its annual race against Cambridge at Z√ºrs, Austria. Despite his skiing responsibilities, young Churchill, 21, an aspiring journalist, took time to boost the morale of both spectators (above) and teammates (following pages), and to write this account, the first article he has published outside his native country

Pro Football
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


16, 17—Phil Bath (3), A.P.
40—John G. Zimmerman
41—Bill and Jean Newton
42—Marvin E. Newman
43—Neil Leifer
44—U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service from National Audubon
48, 49—Evan Peskin
63—Gerry Cranham, Rothschild Photo, George Schwartz-Salt Lake Tribune, U.S. Army Photo
65—Ben Cooper and Marx Kaufman

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