Jan. 29, 1962
Jan. 29, 1962

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Jan. 29, 1962

Hound Music
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


12 Trouble at Old 16
Jerry Barber was cruising along nicely before the sea, the sand and the seaweed claimed him in the Crosby

This is an article from the Jan. 29, 1962 issue

14 Big Boost for the Cup
A syndicate of New England sailors has started building a boat to enter in the America's Cup trials this summer

Indoor Track; The New Season

16 In L.A., a Frenchman fell before beauty and Jim Beatty
18 The split-second world of the baton passer, in color

23 Jamboree by Jastremski
A look at a phenomenal young swimmer who breaks a record almost every time he breaks the surface of a pool

30 II: Imperiled Freedom of the Road
Concluding the series on the safety enigma, Kenneth Rudeen assesses efforts to reduce accidents

38 The Old Art of Concealment
A colorful portfolio of Europe's resort fashions proves that classic femininity has returned to the beaches

48 Sweet Music of the Hound
Rex Lardner harks to a fox hunt in Mississippi, where a dog's voice is more valued than a soprano's

The departments

8 Scorecard
44 Basketball
46 Horse Racing
47 Charles Goren
57 For the Record
58 Basketball's Week
60 19th Hole

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Next Week

Gilbert Rogin introduces us to Captain Tommy Gilford, deep-sea fishing guide extraordinary, angry advocate of light tackle, champion of kite fishing and a cheerful iconoclast.

The hands of Wilt Chamberlain, at the end of his powerful seven-foot frame, dominate the backboards of pro basketball. Eight pages of color show how ubiquitous those hands are.

A crop of young American skiers prepare to race for the world's championship at Chamonix, one of half a dozen glittering resorts the French have built up for ski tourists.