Feb. 05, 1962
Feb. 05, 1962

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Feb. 5, 1962

Point Of Fact
The Latin Invasion
French Skiing
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


12 The Latin Invasion
Spanish-speaking jockeys are dominating the U.S. racing scene, and their takeover may be permanent

This is an article from the Feb. 5, 1962 issue

16 A Startling Look into the Future
A report from Laurance Rockefeller pictures Americans at play—now and in the year 2000

High Season in the French Alps

18 A PREVIEW of the world ski championships in Chamonix
20 A REPORT on the spectacular growth of the ski resorts

28 The Ubiquitous Hands of Mr. C.
Eight pages of color photographs show how basketball's Wilt Chamberlain sets scoring and rebounding records

38 Small Chips Among the Ice Floes
A pictorial inquiry into the frosty life and hard times of sailors who race their dinghies in midwinter

44 The Fighter at Home with Yogi Bear
He's middleweight champion of the world, sort of but Terry Downes of Great Britain is a family man at heart

48 A Novice Breaks a Record
Peter Snell of New Zealand, running the mile one of the few times in his life, raced to a new mark

52 On Fish, Anglers and Slobs
A long talk with Charter-boat Captain Tommy Gifford, a fine fisherman and an angry, outspoken man

The departments

5 Scorecard
42 Basketball
44 Boxing
46 Tennis
48 Track
61 For the Record
62 Basketball's Week
64 19th Hole

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