Rubber bands on the wrists identify pro basketball's most omnipresent hands. The hands belong to Wilt Chamberlain, and, as the pictures here and on following pages show, they are scooping in rebounds (left), blocking shots and dunking points at a record rate. Wilt's 7-foot height keeps his hands near the basket. He wears the rubber bands for luck.

Wilt's long reach takes the ball away from Philly teammate Tom Meschery (above), and his long fingers flip it away from rival giant Ray Felix of Los Angeles (right). By controlling rebounds in this simple way, Chamberlain seldom allows Warrior opponents more than one missed shot at the basket.

The most intimidating hand in basketball prepares to block another shot (left) and tips in a two-pointer with just two fingers (below). Some of the things Wilt does on a court can be countered, but for one weapon in his arsenal there is no defense. Turn the page and see why it is called a dunk.