Feb. 12, 1962
Feb. 12, 1962

Table of Contents
Feb. 12, 1962

Table of Contents
Sonny Liston
The Best Runner
Birdies And Babies
Track & Field
Horse Racing


8 Will Floyd Fight Sonny?
A look into some of the whys, and why nots, and yeses and nos in the Liston vs. Patterson controversy

This is an article from the Feb. 12, 1962 issue

14 New Figures on Ice
A game bunch of young figure skaters tries to fill the void left when the U.S. team was killed in a plane crash

16 Meet the World's Best Runner
New Zealand's Peter Snell shattered a trio of prestigious track records in one casual fortnight

22 A Model House at the Water's Edge
Two architects present plans for a lakeside home designed especially for boatmen and fishermen

37 Birdies, Babies and Ladies
Here's the other side of the pro golf tour, where a change for baby is as important as breaking par

49 Tips for Infant Skiers
The best way to mix parenthood and skiing, an instructor insists, is to take the kids along and teach them how

Two Looks at Canine Aristocracy

52 Artist Roy McKie presents a pooch on his way to the top
59 Robert Cantwell ponders show dogs' strange names

The departments

5 Scorecard
40 Charles Goren
42 Track & Field
44 Horse Racing
46 Sporting Look
49 Skiing
65 For the Record
66 Basketball's Week
68 19th Hole

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