Feb. 19, 1962
Feb. 19, 1962

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Feb. 19, 1962

  • A boxing quiz to excite the memory and increase the knowledge of the casual fan and the armchair expert

The Airy Mare
History On The Boards
Two In A Race
Horse Racing
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


14 History on the Boards
Jim Beatty ran the first sub-four-minute mile in Los Angeles, to a timetable set by his coach

This is an article from the Feb. 19, 1962 issue

20 Two Winners in a Unique Race
Stock and sports car men drove against each other at Daytona, but it was veteran internationalists who won

22 High-Speed Jai Alai
Five pages of color photographs capture the spectacular action of this Basque version of handball

28 Triumph of the Square Knot
Established as part of our folklore, the Boy Scouts are now flourishing as never before

35 Anyone Can Hit a Long Ball
Slim Mickey Wright, the longest hitter in women's golf, explains how you too can stretch out those tee shots

46 An Oasis Full of Horses
The charm of a leisurely horse show in the California desert is shown in four pages of color photographs

52 The Old Master Has a New Winner
Kentucky's cantankerous Adolph Rupp is smiling these days as he surprises the basketball fraternity

62 The Beast of Santa Anita
The flamboyant Lucky Baldwin, his life and loves, his rancho and his racetrack. By Dolly Connelly

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7 Scorecard
51 Horse Racing
52 Basketball
54 Wrestling
75 For the Record
76 Basketball's Week
78 19th Hole

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