Feb. 26, 1962
Feb. 26, 1962

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Feb. 26, 1962

He Could Do It


10 He Could Do It on Bamboo
Scientific tests prove the fiber-glass pole does not give John Uelses an unfair advantage

This is an article from the Feb. 26, 1962 issue

14 Upheaval in the French Alps
At the world ski championships a tough Austrian squad routs France and dashes the faint hopes of the U.S.

20 A Swinging King
In Malaya everyone from the monarch down is playing golf these days

22 First by a Beak
As if to prove once and for all that betting is for the birds, a pigeon wins at New Orleans' Fair Grounds

Sydney's Fast Sailors

24 Pictures of game Aussie yachtsmen in action
30 A report on a skipper out to win the America's Cup

38 Sporting Pink at Hialeah
Color pictures show the track's beauty, and Whitney Tower describes the Derby long shots winning there

42 Mr. Wonderful of Wittenberg
Coach Ray Mears has brought his small Ohio school an NCAA title with his unorthodox style

50 The Country Club
In the first of a two-part story, Robert Boyle examines life at the country club—an 80-year-old phenomenon

The departments

4 Scorecard
42 Basketball
44 Skiing
48 Charles Goren
59 For the Record
60 Basketball's Week
62 19th Hole

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Next week

Spring training returns, and with it a five-page portfolio of baseball action by Artist Robert Weaver. Robert Shaplen tells how George Weiss put the New York Mets together.

Chilly golf pros wander south each year for a tour of the Caribbean. Artist Harvey Schmidt and Writer Gwilym Brown go along with them and record their impressions.

Charles Goren reports on the World Bridge Championships, illuminating the strategy that won again for Italy, while Artist Marc Simont sketches the activity behind the scenes.