March 05, 1962
March 05, 1962

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March 5, 1962

Time Of Promise
Payin' Hobby
Motor Sports
Part II: The Ways Of Life At The Country Club
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


14 A Time of High Promise
As the winter sports season draws to a climax, helicopters in Los Angeles bring a windy promise of spring

This is an article from the March 5, 1962 issue

20 Caribbean Sketchbook
Some jotted notes on migrant professional golfers by Gwilym Brown and Artist Harvey Schmidt

26 The Payin' Hobby of Billy Moore
Poaching the pheasants and rabbits of Squire Tufnell makes Billy a good living and the squire apoplectic

Baseball: Fresh Starts, Old Hopes

32 An artist visits the land of dreams: spring training
37 How George Weiss and $5 million made the Mets

52 Leather like You've Never Seen
An old favorite, suede, is showing new aspects: silken suppleness, pastel colors and sporting utility

62 Kilroy Was There Quite Early
In the Acapulco race Jim Kilroy tosses tradition to the winds, which then blow harder

68 The Country Club
In the second of two parts, Robert Boyle takes a hard look at middle-class and minority clubs

The departments

7 Scorecard
49 Charles Goren
52 Sporting Look
56 Motor Sports
60 Bowling
62 Boating
66 Basketball
77 For the Record
78 Basketball's Week
80 19th Hole

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Cover photograph by Mark Kauffman


Next week

The top 25 college basketball teams in the nation start competing for the NCAA title next week. Ray Cave scouts them all and predicts winners in the early-round regional games.

Golden gloves tournaments are the hopes of young boxers, the chance to test ambition in the arena. Six pages of color pictures take you into this oddly appealing world.

The winter road northward to Alaska is traveled by Dolly Connelly, who finds on it risk, adventure and an ultimate satisfaction most Americans have long forgotten.