Ban the Moose Bomb?

March 19, 1962
March 19, 1962

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March 19, 1962

Point Of Fact
  • An NCAA basketball tournament quiz to excite the memory and increase the knowledge of fans and armchair experts

The Reds Is Dead
The Hottest Spring
  • On her first day out of the yard, the Australian challenger looked sleek and promising, but Designer Alan Payne was making no predictions


Ban the Moose Bomb?

The wildly zigzagging King of the North shown here obviously would vote yes. To him the whole bombardment must seem a crude practical joke aimed at besmirching his kingly coat—to say nothing of his dignity. But to the conservationist in the helicopter, who is about to heave a paint-filled Christmas tree ball at the royally retreating derriere, the "bombing" is a serious part of the annual migratory census. The paint smears help naturalists avoid duplication as they count and catalog the movements of the nation's animals. It will be small solace to this particular moose, but others may be comforted to know the bombardiers miss more often than they hit.

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