14 Anarchy on Court and Field
Officiating is under fire, and for good reason. But the men blowing the whistle are not entirely to blame

18 Floyd Yawns While Sonny Signs
Date and place remain undisclosed, but the Patterson-Liston fight is now a certainty

20 A Grudge Match for the Title
Cincinnati and Ohio State, itching for battle, should meet in basketball's NCAA finals in Louisville

24 The Slip That Cost $100,000
A penalty shot awarded to the wrong man in the right hockey game may cost Detroit its chance at the playoffs

26 Mexico Sends a Boy to Sebring
Young Ricardo Rodriguez rides for Ferrari. Kenneth Rude en weighs his chances and previews the race

32 Fast Man with a .45
The big leagues may find that in the hands of Houston's Roy Hofheinz the new Colt .45 is a loaded baseball

44 The Sandpile at Whale Bay
Wading for bonefish in the blue water of a small Bermuda bay gives a man a glimpse of freedom

60 A Kookie Adventure
Anthony Carson, writer, and Jerry Cooke, photographer, lead an unusual exploration behind the Iron Curtain

The departments

7 Scorecard
52 Wrestling
54 Horse Racing
56 Boating
73 For the Record
74 Basketball's Week
75 19th Hole

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Cover photograph by Tony Triolo


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