Spring comes to golf in the annual rush of warm colors and optimistic spectators to Augusta, Ga. for the famed Masters Tournament. White-coveralled caddies (left) in the early-morning dew, a golfer (right) lining up his putt-these and other glimpses captured here in watercolors by Artist Robert Andrew Parker reflect the hopeful mood of the Masters

Filing through the pine woods, a gallery leaves one scene of action to bunch along the blue pond that makes a mirrorlike setting for another. In front of a second straining wall of spectators one golfer (above) sends a shot hurtling toward a green

A spring downpour casts a mellow patina shelter a cluster of dampened spectators

A puff of sand (left) punctuates a shot by a solitary player in one of the course's spacious sand traps, while spectators who gather around the finishing hole (below) stand bathed in fiery sunset brilliance