A horse show quiz to increase the knowledge of the casual fan and the armchair expert
May 06, 1962

? How many horseshows are held in the U.S. each year?

•The AmericanHorse Shows Association, the governing body of the sport, recognizes some 500events. James Blackwell, executive secretary of the AHSA, says, however, thatthere are at least four times as many nonrecognized shows held annually.

? What is theoldest indoor horse show in the U.S.?

•New York'sNational Horse Show at Madison Square Garden was inaugurated in 1885. The firstshow offered classes for fire horses, police horses and park hacks.

? Is the N. Y.National the biggest indoor show in the U.S.?

•No. The AmericanRoyal, held at Kansas City, Mo., attracts around 1,200 head of horses andponies.

? What is the topprice ever paid for a show horse?

•A reported$50,000 was paid by Bob Ballard of Newmarket, Ontario for Windsor Castle, anopen jumper. Windsor Castle, who is still competing, is the only horse ever towin the open jumper championship three times at the New York National.

? What is theofficial high jump record for a horse?

•The world'srecord was established in 1938 at the Royal Horse Show in Sydney, Australia bya horse named Ben Bolt. He cleared nine feet six inches. The official Americanrecord was set in 1923 at the South Shore Horse Show (Chicago) when a horsenamed Greatheart jumped eight feet three and one-sixteenth inches.

? What U.S. horseshow offers the most prize money?

•The Pin Oak showin Houston, Texas, which puts up $64,000.

? Do any of theU.S. shows, besides the N.Y. National, have international events?

•Only theWashington, D.C. and Pennsylvania National at Harrisburg. Both haveinternational jumping events.