May 21, 1962
May 21, 1962

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May 21, 1962

Horse Racing
Baseball's Week
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


18 Arnie Finds a New Drive
Golf's irrepressible Mr. Palmer develops a new technique while continuing on his usual overpowering way

This is an article from the May 21, 1962 issue

22 Why I Am Turning Pro
Jerry Lucas, the best college basketball player of his day, answers sport's most intriguing question

24 Three-wheeling
In an agonizing moment at Indianapolis, a race driver finds he's one wheel short of the quota

26 Run for the Peanuts
Sixteen colleges and a stableful of borrowed elephants get together for a unique athletic event

28 Sweet, Sad Life of a Reliever
Inside information about spitballs, Dexedrines and Martinis in another excerpt from Jim Brosnan's new book

The Joys of Water

44 Percy Knauth describes the rebirth of a lake in summer
50 Two young men—one, John O'Reilly—tackle an old river
56 John Zimmerman records vivid views of water skiing
65 Fun with your boat: Part I of a new series
76 The warm colors of summer's new cover-ups

104 The Joys of Preakness Day
For Baltimoreans the Preakness is a family reunion in a remarkably urbane setting. By Gerald Holland

The departments

7 Scorecard
76 Sporting Look
80 Golf
83 Fitness
86 Baseball
90 Bridge
93 Lacrosse
99 Horse Racing
117 For the Record
118 Baseball's Week
119 19th Hole

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Cover photograph by John G. Zimmerman


Next week

Floyd Patterson tells his story. In the first of three articles from his autobiography, he describes his progress from frightened boyhood to victory in the Olympics in Helsinki.

The fastest Indy and its newest cars and drivers are previewed, with five pages of striking paintings by Bernard Fuchs that show the color and drama of the famed 500-mile race.

Two big races of the week-are the Preakness and The Messenger. Whitney Tower reports from Pimlico, Kenneth Rudeen from Roosevelt Raceway on trotting's richest dash.