Jim Columbo, 12, of Omaha, was the surprise winner of the handicap event at the Golden West Grand American Trapshoot in Reno. Shooting from the 19½-yard line, Columbo shattered 98 targets out of 100 to tie seven other marksmen, later won the shoot-off.

Tammy Davis, 14, running the seldom-contested 50-yard hurdles in her home town of Frederick, Md., did it in 6.8 seconds to set a new girls' national record, .2 seconds better than the previous mark, set in 1955 by Jeanette Cantrell of Tuskegee Institute.

Ed Davis Sr., at 49 a member of the University of Florida freshman tennis team, has played in three doubles matches, all of them winners. A retired New York City fireman, Davis followed his son Eddie to Florida. Eddie is a senior and on the track team.

Dale McClements, the new national AAU all-around gymnastics champion, is a tiny (size 5) Seattle high school student who gave up ballet for gymnastics because it was more fun. Twice the Pacific Northwest senior titlist, she is also the Canadian champion.

Dan Schneider, left-handed pitcher on the high-riding University of Arizona baseball team, led the Wildcats to a favored spot in the NCAA playoffs, beginning this week in Tucson. He won 13 games, five of them shutouts, lost none and struck out 170 batters.

Carl Obert, age 29, is one of two brothers from The Bronx who make a family tradition of beating each other for national handball titles. Carl recently took older brother Oscar in the AAU one-wall championship. Oscar, however, is still the USHA four-wall title holder.