June 04, 1962
June 04, 1962

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June 4, 1962

Point Of Fact
Race In The West
  • San Francisco's Giants broke fast in the National League, but two high hurdles loom: their own history of failure and the hipper-dipper Los Angeles Dodgers, personified below by long-striding Willie Davis stealing second against the Giants last week

Pro Football
Baseball's Week
19th Hole: The Readers Take Over


James Court, president of the Duck Lake Golf Club in his home town of Albion, Mich., shot an improbable two holes in one on the same nine while playing a round with his regular foursome. He finished 11 over par for the 18. A golfer for five years, his handicap is 12.

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Pamela Ann Ubbing, 12-year-old rider from Wise, Va., has won a ribbon in every horse show she has entered. At 9 she won the state championship for three-gaited ponies. A victory two weeks ago in Kingsport, Tenn. earned her another first prize, her 54th.

Benjamin A. Smith, Senator from Massachusetts, is sweeping through the Potomac River spring sailing series like a keen easterly from Gloucester, his home town, taking the Lightning class lead with five straight wins, the best performance for all nine class boats.

Gene A. Hill, a Madison Avenue copywriter who began shooting competitively two years ago when he was given a firearms account, turned up as a marksman in New York, shattering 192 targets out of 200 to become the national Class B amateur singles champion.

Susan Fournier, 20, of Merrimack College (Mass.), joined with her schoolmate brother Dick, 18, to sweep nine doubles wins over male college opponents before losing to a Brandeis University duo that refused to be rattled by serving to a pretty blonde across the net.

Tom Veitenhaus, 24, clipped almost 10 minutes off the record in winning the national intercollegiate bicycle road race over a hilly 50-mile course at New Haven, Conn. The sophomore from Spencerian College of Milwaukee just beat Princeton's Leif Thorne-Thomsen.