June 11, 1962
June 11, 1962

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June 11, 1962

U.S. Open
Motor Sports


18 Cup Boat Defies Convention
From the tradition-bound city of Boston comes a 12-meter sloop built on radical—and apparently effective—new ideas

This is an article from the June 11, 1962 issue

24 The Horse Race a Man May Win
The Belmont, last in the Triple Crown, tests the quality of trainer as well as Thoroughbred

28 Trial on a U.S. Sahara
The Open comes to Oakmont, a sandy monster that alarms big-name pros but delights its big-name members

40 Back on Top of the World
Floyd Patterson describes his tactics in the second bout with Johansson and reveals some last-minute strategy

54 Adventure on the Deep Sea
Color pictures of a battle with a giant marlin lead off Better Boating, Part III: the fun of offshore powerboating

82 Inspirational Short
When a designer spotted a picture of Indians playing field hockey, he changed U.S. fashions

92 Little Pal at the Ball Game
For fathers who will be taking Junior to the ball park, the pitfalls—and paths around them—are mapped

The departments

7 Scorecard
76 Motor Sports
82 Sporting Look
84 Baseball
90 Soccer
106 For the Record
109 Baseball's Week
110 19th Hole

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Cover photograph by John G. Zimmerman


Next week

College Rowing reaches a climax as 13 colleges meet in the IRA regatta on New York's Onondaga Lake. Six pages of color and a report on the participating teams herald the race.

The camping experience, as it is known in bureaucratese, is examined with a sprightly eye by John O'Reilly, who joined the millions now finding relaxation in the U.S. wilds.

Thunderbird Golf, a new major tournament with a S25,000 first prize, brings golf's eager professionals to New Jersey, where Alfred Wright will report on their treasure hunt.